Buddy Program

At Glen Katherine Primary School we offer our Prep and Grade 6 students a wonderful program called ‘Buddies.’ The Buddy Program has been running for a number of years. It is one of the many ways Glen Katherine helps prep students settle into school, as well as promoting and developing leadership skills in our senior students.


Buddies meet regularly throughout the year to complete fun activities together. These activities include literacy activities, maths games and craft. The program has an extremely positive impact on both the Prep and Grade 6 students.


Benefits of the buddy program include:


  • Prep students having another  positive role model within the school
  • Prep students having someone to go to if they are worried/scared in the playground
  • Prep and Grade 6 children developing new and positive relationships
  • Grade 6 students taking on and developing responsibility
  • Grade 6 students learning how to be a positive role model for other students