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Glen Katherine has a comprehensive Physical Education program that aims to develop the students’ skills, fitness and knowledge. Areas covered throughout the year include athletics, fundamental motor skills, gymnastics, ball handling, major and minor games, fitness, dance and orienteering. All students receive one PE lesson per week. Lessons are activity based and have an emphasis upon teaching the correct technique, rules and developing knowledge progressively  from  Prep  through to Grade Six.


P.E. Curriculum



The athletics program for Grade 4, 5 and 6 students culminates in the House Athletics carnival which is held at Meadow Glenn. The students get to choose which track and field events they would like to participate in. All students participate in a sprint. The House Athletics acts as a selection event for the District Athletics which is held in term 3. A squad of students is selected for each track and field event. Training is conducted throughout term 3 on a weekly basis and the team will be finalised from these sessions. Glen Katherine has won the District Athletics carnival for the past 15 years. From District level students are given the opportunity to go on to Zone and State level.


The athletics program is implemented throughout term one. Grade 3, 4,5 and 6 students participate in technique development sessions which cover throwing events such as discus and shot put; jumping events - long, triple and high jump  and  track events - hurdles and sprinting. Modified equipment such as vortexes, sling balls, medicine balls , rubber topped hurdles and safety ropes for high jump are used to enable students to learn the appropriate lead up skills safely and in a non threatening and fun based way. Prep to grade 3 students participate in modified athletic activities which focus on running technique and gross motor movements.


Fundamental Motor Skills

There are 11 Fundamental Motor Skills - catch, kick, run, vertical jump, overhand throw, bouncing, leap, dodge, punt kick, forehand strike and two hand strike. Fundamental Motor Skills (F.M.S) form the basis for the development of higher level sport specific skills- eg overarm throw -tennis serve or volleyball spike, baseball or cricket. Research has shown that it can take between 240 to 600 minutes of instruction to teach children to correctly perform a FMS.


Research has shown that students who do not develop the ability to perform FMS proficiently at a Primary level are less able or less willing to persist with the difficult task of learning more complex motor skills and will avoid activities which expose them to “public failure” Ultimately this can lead to students rejecting participation in sport and physical activity in secondary years and beyond. There is an emphasis upon the development of fitness and fundamental motor skills at Glen Katherine. Gr 1 -3 should participate in 20 mins sessions – 3 times per week. Gr  4 sport skills sessions are timetabled for 1 hour per week compliment the PE program.



Gymnastics is held throughout term  3 for Grade Prep  to six students. The gymnastics program is a comprehensive program which covers all areas - these include rotations - eg forward rolls, balance and supports - v sit, spring and landing and weight on hands.  Gymnastics is taught in a sequential nature taking into account the appropriate progressions - eg for a forward roll the progression is rock n roll, egg roll, front support, spider walk, bunny hop, incline roll and finally forward roll. Safety is of a paramount importance in gymnastics. Therefore appropriate lead up skills are taught before more complex tasks are attempted.



The dance program offers the students the opportunity to participate in a variety of different dances. The prep, one, two program focuses on creative dance as well as some basic line and folk dance. There is an emphasis upon students developing rhythm, some basic dance steps and creative movements to music.

Grade 3,4 students participate in more structured line dance and bush dances like the nut bush and the heel toe polka. Emphasis is upon cooperation, timing and the correct steps to the music. Grade 3-6 students participate in aerobics sessions which aim to develop fitness, coordination and timing.


Major Games

The major games unit is held in term 2 for 5 weeks. Grade 4, 5 and 6 students participate in netball, hockey or badminton. These sports are not part of the weekly inter-school sport program; therefore give students a chance to learn a new sport. Students develop, hand-eye coordination, participate in modified games as well as learn how to umpire and play the game properly. The program culminates in a theory test which covers the basic rules and skills of the game.  Glen Katherine has enters teams in the hockey 7s competition in both girls and boys. Students in Grade 3-6 have the opportunity to participate in modified sports  as well as  sports such as basketball, soccer and hockey.



The 4 week orienteering program is held in term 4 for grade 3, 4, 5 and 6 students. The students complete set courses around the school grounds. Skill development includes - Map orientation,  map reading, navigation as well as course strategy. Orienteering is also an excellent way to develop the students aerobic fitness and tends to motivate the less athletic students.  We have found though it is not always the best athletes that are the most proficient at orienteering but the students who can apply the map reading skills effectively. As a culmination to the program, Glen Katherine has participated in the State Orienteering Titles.  A team of Grade 3,4,5 and 6 students are selected to represent the school.


David Blackburn

(Sport and PE)


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