Environmental Education

5StarsIn August 2015 Glen Katherine  become accredited as a 5 Star Sustainable Resource Smart School! This is the culmination of 8 years of work by the whole school community to demonstrate the school’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Every day at GK we integrate environmental sustainability into our daily operations, which include:

  • Whole school composting - each classroom has a food scrap bucket that goes into our compost buckets and put down in the compost bins, worm farms or chook yard.
  • Whole school recycling - each classroom and admin area has a range of recycling bins that enables the waste to go to the right place, whether plastic, paper or landfill.
  • Energy monitoring - the school is part of a state wide program that monitors our water and electricity usage and is able to alert us to any sudden spikes which may mean a dripping tap or lights left on.
  • Biodiversity improvement - our expansive school grounds means that we are providing a habitat to a range of animals including Tawny Frogmouths, birds, possums, sugar gliders, bats, frogs and invertebrates.
  • Water wise actions – students bring water bottles from home each day to hydrate throughout the day. GK is part of the Yarra Valley Water, ‘Be Smart, Think Tap’ initiative which educates students about the importance of being wise with our wonderful water we have access to here in Melbourne.

At GK we recognise that as our students become global citizens it is important that they also become literate in environmental sustainability. Although we may not be certain what their future will look like, it is important for our students to be aware of their responsibilities in looking after their local environments - whether at home, at school or within the community. This may be as simple as knowing how to recycle daily materials correctly, or as complex as knowing how to propagate plants to improve local biodiversity.

As part of our Science Precinct, the school community has been on a fifteen year journey of establishing and maintaining an indigenous gully - complete with plants propagated by students, a storm water catchment and frogs all year round. Outside the gully is our Community Garden which houses our propagation shed and chooks.....or as the kids call it - the KFCHQ (that stands for the Kid Friendly Chook Head Quarters). 

Supplementing fortnightly science lessons in which students engage in environmental activities to complement their science focus, GK also has a student leadership team comprising of students from years 5 and 6 called the GREEN TEAM. These students talk at assemblies, help organise environmental activities throughout the year and participate in leadership conferences such as the Kids Teaching Kids Conference and the Sustainability Victoria Conference.

We are proud of environment initiatives here at GK and recommend you come and take a visit if you haven't already to see what we are doing to improve our grounds, our school ....and our futures!