Pick Up & Drop Off Zone

We are very fortunate to have a drop off and pick up zone in the staff carpark. Very few schools have this off-street facility. Whilst this helps to lessen some of the congestion in the street, all users need to be aware that both before and after school is an extremely busy and potentially dangerous time. Hence we must take care in ensuring that all drivers and pedestrians act and/or drive safely.


For the safety of ourselves, our students, our neighbours and all who use Calendonia Dve, nearby streets and/or the school’s drop-off zone, the following reminders are given:

  • Please do not park in a no standing area or across a local resident’s driveway.
  • Please do not stop on a school crossing and/or drive over the crossing whilst the crossing supervisor or any pedestrian is on the crossing.
  • Please do not park in the Glen Katherine staff car park other than to stop or pick up as per the information given below.
  • Please do not park in St Helena Secondary College's car park which is for both staff and students' (18yrs+) cars.
  • If you are parallel parking in a designated spot, please don’t take up a car and a half position, be mindful of sharing the available parking space if more than one car can fit.
  • Please use the designated school crossings and avoid walking across the school carpark entry and exit driveways.




The school’s drop off zone is only a 1-2 minute parking spot. Any longer than this and you are likely to be asked by a staff member (wearing a high visibility vest) to move on and do another circuit. General usage guidelines include the following:- 

  • When your car pulls alongside the double yellow lines on the footpath, this is when children need to get in or out of the car. It is not OK to stop several times alongside the yellow lines and keep the children in the car until they get out near the gazebo. This holds up all of the traffic. A bit of exercise is good for one and all!
  • Children are to get in or out of the car on the pavement side.
  • If you are an early arrival at pick up time, then make sure your child/ren are prompt at getting to the drop off zone. It’s not fair that you stay parked for 10 minutes waiting for your family to arrive.
  • In the morning, say good-byes at home, before you get in the car and make sure your child has their bag ready so that they can get out of the car quickly. Stopping to get bags out of the boot, put jackets on etc. slows the traffic down and adds to the street congestion.
  • Parking in the drop off zone through the day is not permitted
  • At pick up time, children are to wait safely behind the yellow lines and not step across these until a car has stopped. Drivers are asked to keep moving forward and not leave parking space in front. Children are expected to walk up to where their car has stopped rather than be picked up exactly where they are standing.
  • At times, for safety and organisational reasons, the drop off / pick up zone will be temporarily closed owing to the arrival / departure of buses (eg. camps, excursions, sport). Where practicable, prior notice will be given.


Please be advised that parking regulations are enforceable and if drivers choose to park illegally in the street, then they could be booked by the local By Laws Officer.


Thank you to all of our pedestrians and drivers who always do the right thing and set a safe and courteous example to others.