Science Program

Every kid starts out as a natural born scientist, and then we beat it out of them. A few trickle through the system with their wonder and enthusiasm for science intact. - Carl Sagan


All students undertake a fortnightly 100 minute science lesson down in the science room taught by a specialist science teacher. The lessons undertaken have come from the Primary Connections units of work written by the Australian Academy of Science in Canberra and aligned with the Australian Curriculum. Classes combine both theory and practical, hands-on experiments to consolidate students' understandings. The four disciplines of science - physical, biological, chemical, earth and space - are all covered throughout each year level.


All students enjoy their time in science lessons, satisfying their natural curiousity to learn how things work and happen. Complementing the science program is a outdoor learning space which includes an indigenous gully and community garden - complete with chooks, propagation program and storm water catchment that is a successful pond habitat for local invetebrates and frogs.


Couched within science is the environmental education (sustainability) program which enables students to investigate how their science learnings and understandings can be directly utilised within their local community and school grounds. For example, when doing Earth Sciences, students investigate erosion or in Biology the conditions a plant needs to grow, and then apply that knowledge in a real world setting within our propagation program or improving school grounds. (More can be read about our environmental education program here.)


Within science student learn that mistakes are okay - in fact, they are often the way scientists learn how something doesn't work and figure out a way that it might! Students are encouraged to broaden their science inquiry skills with explicit teaching of how to:

  • predict (hypothesis)
  • observe (see what happens)
  • record (write down what happens)
  • evaluate (what did we learn and so what?)


At GK we love science!! We recommend you come and visit our Science Precinct if you haven't already! And remember, the Community Garden is for EVERYONE so please come and enjoy the chooks and the garden if you have some time to spare.



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