Visual Arts

The Glen Katherine Visual Arts Room is housed in a new multi-purpose building completed in 2011, alongside the Music Room. This year the Visual Arts program will be delivered by Mrs. Nadia Cosma (Years 4-6) and Mrs Emma Hankinson (Prep -Year 3).


Students in Years One to Six participate in a double session (100 minutes) of Visual Art per fortnight, whilst the Preps will attend one 50 minute session per week. In the Visual Art classes children will work with a wide range of materials and equipment encompassing drawing, painting, clay modelling, construction, threads and textiles and art appreciation. All efforts will be made to display children's work both at school and in the wider community.


Children will develop skills and knowledge of the arts, explore ideas and respond accordingly. Glen Katherine Primary School hosts a biennial exhibition, the   “GKabulous Art Show”,   as a wonderful showcase of the emerging talent of our students.  Each child contributes to this event which is held in the new multipurpose hall. Furthermore, students in Years Five and Six participate in an Artist In Residence Program (AIR)  which coincides with an Art Show year. Students work alongside an artist on a communal project. Our “Footprint of our Planet” outdoor mural is an example of an artwork created in the AIR program.


Our passionate Art teachers believe that The Arts provide students with the development of aesthetic awareness and a broad range of cognitive, language, personal and social skills as well as skills used at work and in leisure activities. These provide a range of unique experiences for all students that are essential for their total development. The Arts Program will provide opportunities for all children to experience success and develop a positive attitude.


The program will be developmental in its own right and make links with the integrated curriculum units including other cultures and values. The children's progress and achievement in the Visual Arts is aligned with the standards in the Victorian Curriculum and  will be assessed by two half yearly reports and by portfolio entries in line with the assessment procedure of the school. 


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