Italian Language and Cultural Studies

Italian learning at Glen Katherine fosters an appreciation of the diverse multicultural society we live in. We embrace the culture of a country whilst being immersed in its language. Students in Year Five and Six participate in weekly 50 minute lessons in the Italian Room.


Grade 5 students begin developing skills in firstly listening and speaking and then reading and writing, through a range of sequential and developmental activities by creating art works, story books, posters, comics and board games, playing language games, participating in ICT experiences such as online interactive games and performance , singing and role play.


Students in Grade 6 consolidate their knowledge from the previous year and build on their language skills previously acquired. They are immersed  in co-operative group work, providing ample opportunity to  further develop their speaking and listening skills. Refinement of pronunciation will be practiced through the use of role-plays, interactive websites , class group work and oral language games.  Reading and writing skills, including the use of grammar rules, for example,  the agreement of gender and number, agreement of adjectives, the appropriate use of verbs and the use of the correct tenses and understanding of vocabulary will also be taught during Italian lessons.


Children are encouraged to explore language through an integrated and personalised approach, by selecting tasks that are relevant and purposeful to their particular needs or interests.


Cultural studies will be incorporated into both the Gr 5 and Gr 6 overall Italian program and where appropriate students will use computers to complete work and conduct research on cultural topics. Excursions to popular Italian places of interest, such as Lygon St, Carlton, are also incorporated into the program.


Each term, all students from Prep – Grade 6  have the opportunity to take part in a Whole school Italian celebration, where we celebrate all things Italian, such as art, music, singing, sport, science, cooking, fashion and dancing. This year, students have been involved in activities relating to Roman numerals, studying natural disasters in Italy (including Pompei and building volcanos that erupted at assembly), making the Italian flag and understanding what the colours represent and creating 'masks of truth' representing a famous Italian sculpture. 

Italian Day in Term 2


Competitions are announced on the School Italian BLOG and awards and prizes are given out at assembly. Italian songs are also a highlight at the annual GK Christmas concert.


Through learning a language other than English, children gain knowledge, skills and values that enable them to:

  • Communicate in another language through spoken and written texts.
  • Develop an understanding of how language systems work.
  • Compare languages and culture, to understand differences and similarities.
  • Extend their understanding of themselves and their own language.
  • Strengthen their literacy and  numeracy skills.
  • Develops skills to enable them to become global citizens.


Students are assessed and monitored throughout the year in line with AusVELS Phases of Learning.  Each term, students will complete an Italian portfolio task providing the opportunity to share their Italian learning with family members at home.


The program aims to provide the children with a second language experience, set in a non-threatening atmosphere, promoting the sharing of ideas and the development of increased confidence in using the Italian language through enjoyment and a feeling of success.


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Signora Sandra Portaro

Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.
 Rita Mae Brown

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