Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Glen Katherine Primary School will incorporate 4 of ‘The Arts’ components found in the Victorian Curriculum. These are Drama, Dance, Music and Media Arts.


Students will learn the art of improvisation, mime, theatre performances and much more when exploring about the world of Drama. Students will be given many opportunities to explore their imagination and immerse themselves in a wide range of themes and topics being covered in Drama.


Throughout Dance, students will discover elements of bodily movement and expression, as well as having opportunities to create their own dance moves. Dance allows students to develop a number of skills including muscle memory, coordination, release creative energy and much more.


Students will learn about the various elements of music, including rhythm, pitch, beat, dynamics, tempo and much more. During Music, students will also explore a variety of instruments, singing, collaboration and creating their own musical pieces.


Media Arts allows students to discover the world of ICT through engaging and interactive platforms. Students will learn how to use a range of applications, several websites, as well as programs such as PowerPoint. These platforms will incorporate the other areas of ‘The Arts’ being covered in Performing Arts, allowing students to showcase all they have learnt, demonstrating great pride and success.