GK Curriculum Philosophy

The staff and school community at Glen Katherine Primary School are committed to providing a learning environment which encourages lifelong learning for all.


We believe in developing students who have confidence, self respect, a passion for learning, curiosity and are socially responsible. These beliefs are reflected in our school values of Acceptance, Respect, Resilience, Responsibility and Excellence (A.R.R.R.E.) and are interwoven through all aspects of the school curriculum.


The term ‘curriculum’ includes not only the content of courses, based on AusVELS (Australian Curriculum bridged to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards) but also includes many varieties of activities and teaching approaches. The curriculum provided at G.K. recognises that students have different ways of learning, develop at different rates and come from a variety of backgrounds. 


At G.K. your child will be able to participate in an exceptionally wide range of curriculum subjects - English, Maths, Integrated Curriculum, a specialised Science and Sustainability Program, Health and Physical Education, The Arts (Performing Arts and Visual Arts), Information and Technology and GK Kitchen and Food Technology Program.


In addition, students have a wide range of opportunities to participate in leadership (see the Students tab of our website) and extra curricula activities, as well as classroom blogging.


The AusVELS also include ‘standards’ which enable students, parents and teachers to determine what the student has achieved. It also provides the scaffold to determine what students need to know to progress in all areas of the curriculum, and forms the basis for the delivery of learning intervention and extension programs, as well as assessment and reporting.